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Dawid Jachym

How to Build Your Brand Using Video

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

Regardless of the product or service you offer to your potencial clients, there is a good chance that you have many comparable competitors. Companies that offer goods or services similar to yours at a lower or higher price tag than you, in lower or higher quality than you. So differentiation must take a different path. When your brand tells a great story, consumers begin to trust and like you. This emotional response is the key to conversion in the modern world of marketing.

1. In order to build a successful brand you don’t want to target the entire internet

In other words you don’t need to attract a huge audience, you want to attract the „Right” audience ( potencial customers ) it is obvious that if, for example, you are a manufacturer of building materials, your customers will certainly not be children and young people aged between 1 and 18 years old, we can also exclude women (for obvious reasons :)). That is, when planning the entire video marketing campaign, we must take into account during the Pre-Production process who will be our end customer, and based on that we can design a concepts for all individual videos included in our campaign. The whole point is not to spend money on Ads targeting the wrong people.

So How to attract a “Right” audience? choose the topics your potential customers really care about. There is a few ways of doing just that.

· Use Google Planner to find out the search volume behind topics in your industry

· Start a Facebook Group and ask people questions about what they expect from products/services you provide. That will give you a great idea about video topics that you should be creating.

· You also want to make sure you are keeping it as nische as possible. The more niche you go, the more targeted audience you gona get, which is going to help build your authority within your industry.

2. Don’t just post it on Facebook – share it everywhere !

This is so important, but yet so many people not fully use the potential of today’s internet, especially social media platforms. To maximize the views of my clients video, I would normaly create a quick plan e.g.

– Main Full Video ( 5min long ) – Share it on YouTube

– Teaser ( 1 min Long ) – share it on FB – with links to Full Video, client’s website or landing page etc..

– Shorter Version (2min long ) – share it on FB ( same as above )

– Instagram Story – to get people’s attention

– Teaser Video ( 1min long ) – share it on Instagram – with links to Full Video, client’s website or landing page etc..

– Main Full Video ( 5min long ) share it on Linked in – with all the links to client’s webiste etc…

– Teaser Video ( 1min long ) – share it on Tweeter

So let’s say you had 500 views on YT + 1000 views from FB teaser + 500 views from FB short version of the video + 1000 views from Instagram + 1000 views from Linkedin + 500 views on Tweeter

Total = 4500 views – of which only 2300 of viewers ended up watching the video to the end, and only 1000 of them ended up on your website or clicking “Call to Action” button. So it still a good result right? You have organiclly reached 4500 people, and obtained 22 percent engagement rate. Surely you could never achieve such great results using only one platform. ( please note that 22% is only an engagement rate, not an actual percentage of people who make a purchase decision )

That way traffic from all your social media platforms driving directly to your Main Video or Website/Sales Page / Landing Page etc…

The more views you get = more engagement = higher video ranks on YT = Peaple can find you easier on YouTube.

So Remember ! You need to share your content all accross your social media platforms !

Tip: schedule your videos at least once a week for 1 or 2 months to make sure that there is a constant traffic driving to your YouTube or website.

3. Be Consitent

So what this means is:

– Create your content on regular basis – Set a plan and schedule ( e.g. post it once a day, twice a week etc. )

– Be consistent in your branding. Try to use same colours in all of your videos, so if your main colours that represent your brand are let’s say Black, Grey and Gold use them everywhere and all the time on your clothes, video backdrops, props etc… so that people can straight away recognize you, it will also help them easily associate these colors with you and your brand

– Don’t forget to include your “Social Handles” in your videos so that people can find you again on all your different social platforms, that way you will build your own community faster and more efficient, and what is most important YOU ARE BUILDING your Relationships with potential clients


You need to make sure you have at least one “Call to Action” in your Video !

there are two types of CTA’s

– Number one: “Conversion Call To Action” – meaning you want to direct your potencial customers/viewers to your landing page or website where they will sign up to your email list or newsletter or anything that will help you in the future convert them in to paying customers.

– Second One: “Engagement Call To Action” – you will need this one perticularly on your YouTube, but this does apply to all platforms as well. The more engagement you get, the better your video will perform, and the more reach it will get, because the more “likes”, “thumbs up’s” etc. Means thet your video will rank higher in the algorithm accross all of your social platforms, especially on YouTube.

So all you have to do just simply ask people during the video ( or at its beginning/end ) for comments, likes, shares, and to subscribe to your channel.

Remember ! The more engagement your video get, the better your reach will be !

5. Don’t make a video just for the sake of making the video !

In the past few years I had many customers who spent their hard-earned money on promotional videos just to share it once or twice on Facebook ! it completely disturbs the harmony of action and the purpose of you creating the video in the first place, And no matter how great and how high quality the video was, if it is not made for a specific purpose ( lack of concept ) and if it is not part of the planned campaign, the chances are that it will not be successful, and that it will not bring the desired results ( which were not determined at the beginning anyway ).

– Use your budget wisely ! maybe instead of one high quality video that will require a lot of preparation, time, work and your money, create 5 shorter ones focusing on how to convey your message clearly.

– To maximize your investment in video, plan everything carefully in advance. Answer yourself questions like: what kind of video you want?, what you want to achieve with it?, what message and information you want to convey?, what is the purpose of the video?, find an interesting place where you will film, write scripts, hire actors if you need them etc … all these activities will allow you to achieve one very important goal, which is to Create 2 months worth of video content in just one day … or produce video footage for 5 videos instead of just one, during one day. ( then one thing that remains is the video editing, and Wuala! Done !) Tip: try to diversify certain aspects in your videos so that they do not look like they were produced all at the same time, e.g. change the background or decor for each video, change the clothes or hairstyle of the actor etc.

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