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The Difference between Promo Video and Corporate Video Explained!

Video won’t kill the radio star because video making is an effective marketing strategy to boost one’s business. However, when companies are presented with various video services available, they are astounded over the fact that there are different types of videos existing.

This is exceptionally true when we talked about a promo video and corporate video, as many customers often used the two terms interchangeably. As video editors and professionals, we should clear up this mix-up!

Promo and corporate videos – hey, what’s the difference?

Will it be an ad, an industry report, or a TikTok trend? We’re going to talk about the difference between promo videos and corporate videos and how they benefit your company.

What are promo videos

If businesses want to create a video about selling their products or a fun ad with the intention of going viral, then, it’s a promo video. What are the considerations to make when creating one for yourself?

Talks about products, services, or events. A promo video talks more about what they offer rather than about their business operations. They feature products, services, or events and how it can be beneficial to customers. Got a glow in the dark blanket product? Talk about it!

What’s more, it’s all about selling them. The main goal of a promo video is to sell the products and services to customers. So, maybe not just that, but a subtle B2C video about your company can increase brand awareness.

The end-user is often the customer. To whom promo videos are made for? These videos are created to attract purchasing customers to the company. Videos hook and catch their attention to reach a sale.

Crafted to be eye-catching and engaging.You need your customers to react, engage, and take action on your video. Whether they’ll be rolling on the floor laughing or sobbing hysterically at night, it has to get them hooked on your message. Importantly, they need to take action on it – whether it’ll be to attend your event or purchase products from you.

Can be used to disseminate info on TV, website, or social media channels.Your videos need to be published online or on-site for a lot of people to see. The goal is to have your video go viral or heard to increase brand awareness. This is no time to shy away from any channel as you could lose potential customers in the long run!

When should you use a promo video?

When you’re planning to launch a product or service, a catchy promo video is what you need. These will generate interests among customers to purchase with your brand. What’s more, if you’re planning to populate your social media channels with content, a promo video will amp up your users’ curiosity and amusement. In return, it can boost your business to new heights!

What are corporate videos

Corporate videos focus mostly on the internal aspects of the business. It shares important information such as policies, annual reports, or company culture to employees, investors, or business partners.

Focuses on the company culture and brand image. Are you telling your story to new employees? How about making a pitch to grants organizations or investors? A corporate video focuses on sharing about the company culture and creating a brand image that B2B stakeholderswill appreciate.

Talks about important internal company matters. If you want to showcase your company highlights during the year, you may do well to showcase it with a corporate video. You can include sales, income losses, stocks, and profits for your employees or board of directors.

Can be used for company training. If you’re looking to train new hires, but lack the time to do so, a corporate video will help. Whether you’re an outsourcing business or shoe company, training videos boost employee retention on their work.

Explains your products rather than selling them. If you want to explain or launch a product for investors and the public, it can be well-thought to use a corporate video. The message of the content can be the features and advantages of a product or mock-up to wow stakeholders.

Capturing testimonials and reviews about your company. Want to capture the smiles of your customers? You can do so with a corporate video! Testimonials and reviews of your company can help you understand how much it impacted their lives and whether you may change your product or enhance it.

How to start planning for your video

Now that you have a grip on the difference between the two, you may now start planning for your video. Still, confused? Let us count the ways to help you launch a video campaign for your business.

What’s your goal?

Determining the goal will help us understand which video you’d like to have. Will it be to feature a new product and sell it to customers? Or, you might want to create an industry report to earn a nod from investors? Whichever it is, create an objective or idea on how your video will impact your target audience.

Create content

Now that you’ve visualized your content plans, will it be a promo or a corporate video? Create a draft or a storyboard on how you’re planning to create content that will wow people. And just for clarification – promo videos aren’t only meant to be fun and engaging. They can be serious as well! Likewise, a corporate video doesn’t have to be all-robotic and business-like.

Evaluate your video content

How do stakeholders see your videos? Do TikTokers follow the trend you’ve set upon them? Do your employees understand the instructions you’ve given them on the video? Evaluating your content helps you identify how your videos work well for you. If it doesn’t pan out well – go back to the drawing board and brainstorm over the next big thing!

The takeaway

Both video assets talk about your company, but their key messages on the content itself are different. Promo videos are more into marketing and campaign to increase sales. Meanwhile, corporate videos discuss your company, values, services, and in other cases, sensitive information. Here are key differences you need to take note of.

Corporate Video

  • Actively promote your business
  • Convey your key messages to your target audience
  • Focuses on the business as a whole
  • Shares information about your company, its values, and the brand
  • Explains your products and services, rather than simply selling them
  • Scripted and covers a wide range of purposes from corporate communication, training and education, filming conferences, and conventions, products, services, and sales.

Promotional & Advertising Videos

  • Actively promote your business
  • Convey your key messages to your target audience
  • Focuses on a key product, service or event
  • Entertainment-based
  • Shorter than a corporate video
  • Often used online – with the intention of ‘going viral’
  • Can be used throughout your marketing campaign – in emails, social media and on your website
  • Focuses on selling your products and services.

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