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How To Double Your Marketing ROI With Video

How To Double Your Marketing ROI With Video

Video marketing is becoming more powerful in advertising each year. There are a lot of content options online, and most consumers have short attention spans. Fortunately, a video that’s just 1-minute long is worth many words.

Below are some of the things to know about using videos to double the ROI on your marketing.

It’s Not Necessary to go Viral

One big mistake made by many marketers is that they think a video has to go viral to be successful. This is really hard to achieve, and most marketers never reach it. However, they’re still seeing major improvements in their marketing ROI. Video now is generating triple the visitors each month to a website than simple text posts.

Rather than creating something that’s going to appeal to lots of people, begin brainstorming ideas for video content which will appeal to your niche audience.

Use Some Simple Tools for Video Marketing

It’s not necessary to hire someone to create marketing videos for you. There are many affordable or even free tools that you can use which make it simple to create and edit your own videos.

For instance, you will find tools that are useful for recording your screen and a voice over just with a single click. There are also tools that you can use to create videos about your services or products. These examples are just a couple of the amazing tools out there that you can use for video marketing.

Position Videos for Drawing in the Most Qualified Leads

Distribution is one of the biggest parts of making sure your content is successful, so you want to ensure the video is placed on YouTube. You then want to use social media to get it seen.

However, remember why you made the video – to draw in the most qualified leads. Rather than only hosting your video on YouTube, make a dedicated page on your site for it. More than half of your visitors are going to watch your video before they read your website’s text.

When people are clicking on your link via social media, they’re going to be drawn to your landing page. Then they’ll be encouraged further with blog promotions, CTAs and other material.

Find Out What Works

The biggest key to getting the most on your ROI is to pay close attention to what is working best. To see the difference your various videos make to the bottom line, you want to look at the following:

• Time on the landing page

• CTR ( click through rate ) on the landing page

• How many viewers watch the entire video

• How many viewers respond to the CTA ( call to action )

• Number of videos your leads consume

• The videos your converted leads watch

When you host on YouTube, use the site’s helpful analytics and track the behavior of the website using Google Analytics. Doing this will help you know the kinds of videos are resonating with the audience.

Keep Track of Viewing Histories

There are many ways that you can keep track of your prospects. One of the best ways is to look at the videos they’ve been watching. If you have seen someone who watched your videos, look and see how long they viewed them. If you’re noticing that more people are signing up for your newsletter from one video than another, you know that it’s more successful.

When you run a business, you want to use all of the tools you can to be successful ( especially the free ones ). Marketing videos are definitely a great way for you to succeed in your business and bring more customers in.

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